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Yes, this supplier is legit. I don’t usually write reviews, but I thought I’d give a little insight that I know will make a difference to me. I have a silicone doll (from another company). This doll has a much better bone structure than the silicone doll I bought. She has more mobility and can position herself better. This is a surprisingly useful feature (for posing or sexual purposes) that I didn’t realize my other dolls lacked until I got this one.

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Is recommended?

Yes, if you are interested in dolls, I would highly recommend this site for your desires. I am very happy with my doll and she has given me a sense of companionship like no other. The ordering process and service was excellent and my doll was delivered to FedEx exactly as requested. In addition, the sales staff helped me with many questions. They are my first choice for all Love Doll merchandise.

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[block id=”blogads”] Also, this traditional vibrator uses patented FlexiFUN technology that moves the full size realistic sex doll with you during use and flexes appropriately to adapt to your particular body type. This is a long-term and public process. I’m not happy to walk late. This can be frustrating because while women’s libido increases their interest in sex dolls, other menopausal changes, including decreased vaginal lubrication, can reduce women’s sexual orientation. Silicone sex doll is a very different feeling from being Submissive or Masochist. Fascinating period (29-38 years) after years of ups and downs. Do you want to go to […]

Real Customer Review –

Yes, very good product. Quite large, one of the largest I’ve owned and feels great. The internal texture is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s very tight and really hugs you as you get in and out. It has almost no odor and looks and feels like a real girl, or very close. It is heavy and feels great in your hand, very flexible and soft. The friction burn is very realistic and very enjoyable.

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Yes, Prompt delivery, excellent product, 5 stars from the website! Exactly as advertised. I bought the blonde one as I find this hair color more pleasing. This is the most realistic sex doll (first purchase). Let’s not forget that, like the real woman, this is a heavyweight sex doll. It gives a great overall impression with a big, soft ass and perky breasts. The doll is very adaptable. I love sex in all positions. Well done.

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Yes, they are absolutely legitimate. WOW. This is better than I thought it would be, but I’m also new to the whole doll thing. I want to know if there really is someone this flawless, and I’d love to know which lady it’s based on. I didn’t want to spend too much money since this was my first doll, but the craftsmanship of this “cheap” doll blew me away. Considering her incredible figure, having sex with her was a great thing. Special thanks to the customer service staff.

Is this sex doll vendor legit?

Yes, the vendor is legit and trusted. She gives a very real feel. Her touch is very real. The head looks great and the body is made of superior materials. I chose the upright feature (helps with cleaning). In my opinion, it has better sex than the real thing. The removable legs are easy to store and hide. Incredible breasts. She’s heavy. Once you get used to using it, you’ll realize it’s a little chubby (which is actually a plus).